2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Scissor Sisters - I Can’t Decide

FUCK! A few years back this song was on a Dr.Who Episode where the master danced to it like a BAMF and it got stuck in my head like gum for weeks…It’s back to haunt me. THIS SONG IS EVIL! 

I hope it’ll haunt y’all back! Catchy as hell!

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Muse - Hyper Chondriac Music

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Marina and the Diamonds - Obsessions

Such a relevant song 

Last week today we went to see Kings Of Convenience live in Paradiso Amsterdam. It was awesome and I still can’t believe how nice everything was. The date, the venue, our seats, the band Gem that played along a few songs with them, being there together with Tom. Just freaking everything! They came all the way from Norway and I feel so lucky that the Netherlands was one of the few countries they were touring.

The Man Who Sold The World


Just for shits n’giggles I’m going to download this and hang out in Ikea. Because I can!…and Ikea is only 10 min away from my uni XD

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Oberhofer - Away FRM U

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Vitamin String Quartet - Time Is Running Out by Muse


If only they made Map Of the Problematique….MIND WILL BE BLOWN!

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Youth Lagoon - Canons

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