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How to be Dutch

1. Complain about the weather

Cause even though you’ve lived your whole life in this country and you know better than anyone else that this place is rainy 80% of the year; still it manages to take you by surprise that it’s raining. Congratulations on your lifelong self delusion.

2. Have milk with lunch

Maybe that’s why they’re so tall. 

3. Hagelslag

Having a loaf of buttery bread with chocolate sprinkles for lunch is the most normal thing.U mad?

4. Bike around to everywhere at anytime in any situation

Just saw this dude biking with flip flops even though it’s raining. Still delusional. IT’S GON’ RAIN I TELL YA!

5. Flailing and overdramatic fangirling is for Americans. 

The Dutch. They’re cool. 

6. Peanutbutter and Licorice are not gross. 

You are! for not liking it. What in the world is wrong with you?

7. Orange

Go figure.

8. Make fun of the French, Belgians, Germans and English. The rest of Europe Don’t matter

Meanhile in the eyes of the Asian they’re all the same

9. Lists that end with number ten are overrated.

This is just me ending the list. Nothing specifically Dutch about number 9. 

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    point 5, excuse you. I fangirl as much as the americans
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    Or in stead, just accept that you’re gonna get drenched and save your good mood. :D
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    Also applies to ‘How to be Belgian’
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    Why aren’t the Flemish in 8.
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    hey can I be an overdramatic fangirl and still be Dutch? :”C
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